A Woody Place – Woodturning 1

This section of the website is about my love of wood and in particular, woodturning.

 Since October 2011 I have attended a woodturning class at a workshop in nearby Kingswood. My woodturning tutor is Mary Ashton and I have included a link to her website below. As well as producing some of the usual turnings, bowls and spindle work I also produce wool spinning and weaving related products. I am now on my third and largest lathe, an Axminster Trade Series AT1628VS.

This is a bigger lathe and is free-standing, thus giving me a wider range of possible pieces.  This section will feature some of my work. Like railway modellers, woodturner’s skills is a big variable, from beginners to professionals.  Whilst I am no longer a novice I still have a long way to go, but I keep trying to hone my skills and look for designs that reflect my taste in wood. By putting my work on the web, I hope I can inspire other budding or novice woodturners to have a go.

The video below features some of my work. I hope to publish a better video in the near future.

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